Great Lakes Homes has a building team you can trust to get the job done right and on schedule

David Dennis

Owner David Dennis holds a B.S. in English and geography with a minor in business from Central Michigan University. Dave’s role is designing and managing all builds. On site every day for every build, Dave’s approach minimizes miscommunication and, as the owner, he has a vested interest in upholding his business’s reputation. What does this mean for you?

“I love to be creative and build people a quality home with character. I enjoy and excel at managing the process. I am proud that all of my subs feel that my builds are the best-managed and on-time builds they are part of. I believe that has a lot to do with me being there every day and not paying someone to manage it for me.”
– David Dennis, Owner

Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle is our foundation crew foreman with 20+ years of experience.

Key benefits

  • All jobs are builder managed (Dave is on the site every day.)
  • We do all of our own foundations
  • We have a full-time electrician on staff
  • 10-year waterproof warranty on basements
  • Locally-owned Michigan business
  • We build quality.

Ralph Lane
Ralph Lane is our electrician. With Ralph, you’ll never have the problem down the road of discovering the job could have been done better. With 20+ years experience, Ralph knows all the ins and outs of electrical work and does a meticulous job.

A smoother process – you’re not dealing with multiple people and you don’t have to worry that your requests get lost in translation. We take a lot of pride in what we do.

How We Build Great, Affordable Houses

Great Lakes Homes has a team of on-staff sub-contractors to ensure that work such as foundations, insulation, and electrical are handled by a select team of certified professionals. This allows us to cut cost and spend dollars where the homeowner sees the results without cutting quality.

Poured Foundations

Spray Insulation

Certified Electrical

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