Great Lakes Homes history and philosopyy

History and Philosophy

Great Lakes Homes’ history
After receiving a B.S. from Central Michigan University, David Dennis entered the construction business 20 years ago doing rehabilitation work and remodels. Over the past five years, he shifted his focus to working solely on building new homes.

In his first year building from scratch, he built one home. The following year: two homes. This allowed him to go through the process making sure everything went right as he learned and gained experience. Since then, the volume of business has steadily increased to 16 homes in 2017 and projecting 25 homes in 2018. Dave continues to love what he does and can’t wait to build the next house!

A major contributor to his philosophy, Dave took his experience of having a new home built for him to shape his building process and relationship with clients.

Our philosophy as a business
Dave says the business’ philosophy is not to cut corners just to save a couple of dollars. “It should never be hard to do the right thing,” says David. He also helps guide new homebuyers think through the features they will need in a home. He says there are many things homebuyers won’t know until they have actually lived in their home.

Dave says Great Lakes Homes tries to eliminate the surprises by doing things right the first time. For example, the company always puts in a 20-foot wide driveway so residents can park two cars side by side with enough room to get in and out of them comfortably. Other considerations include installing a man door in the garage where it can be used and put on a large back patio so that it will be able to accommodate lawn furniture.

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